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Remote Control Stunt Jump Rover Car Ramp

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Try thrilling stunt jumps with the SHARPER IMAGE Jump Rover! Jump Rover car jumps over 4 feet and travels at speeds of up to 7 MPH. Ultra-wide stunt ramp is quick and easy to build. Perfect for practicing fun stunts and racing! Car is fully remote controlled, so you get to pick the speed and direction for endless fun, games, and stunts. Bright LED lights help your car stand out and add even more excitement to your stunts! Jump Rover car is fully rechargeable! Simply plug in the USB-C cable to charge the lithium battery and you’ll be back to playing in no time. The fun never has to end!
  • Perform exciting stunts with the Jump Rover
  • Try out new jumps on the ultra-wide stunt ramp
  • Drive anywhere you want with the remote-controlled Jump Rover
  • Car is rechargeable and has bright LED lights
  • Reaches speed of up to 7 mph
  • Ages 5+