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Downhill Derby Gravity Racers Set

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Send one car down the track at a time and measure their speed and distance or race the cars against each other! Kids will love playing with the different colorful cars and racing them against each other to find out which is the fastest. There are endless ways to play with this wooden racetrack set. Find out how far your cars can go, gain momentum on the downhill and watch them soar through the air as they jump the ramp! You can even challenge a friend to a race! This track holds two cars at once, so you can each pick a car and see who wins. This colorful wooden racetrack comes with fun details such as paintings of equipment and a separate storage cube for each car making your kid will feel like a real racecar driver!

  • Race two cars against each other on this steep racetrack
  • See how far your cars can go as they jump the ramp
  • Challenge a friend to a race with two different cars
  • Bright colors and painted details make this wooden set feel realistic
  • Safe for ages 3+